April Downers Bring May Floundering, and Geez It’s June Already

So, how’s everybody’s 2020 going? That’s rhetorical, I’m pretty sure I can guess. Barf.

2.5 months without a game update or blog post, barf again, sorry. But despite the evidence, development on Cheer and Track very slowly continues!

The next update should arrive sometime in June and will be another small one, again with one short new level, some minor bug fixes, and some small performance increases, I think mostly from updating to Unity 2019.4x. The new clouds are in everywhere and have an okay little spawn effect, but they still need sound effects and proper de-spawn visuals, and those probably won’t be in the next update, or ready for a while. Everything always needs more work. That’s typically game development at any level, moreso when you’re at such an ultra-basic level, but, anyhoo.

I didn’t expect the next update to take so long. It’s often very hard to get fired up to create for myself, especially when life is so stressful and unstable. I feel like so much of what I’m doing just drifts off into the void, like a message in a bottle tossed into the Pacific. So I made a little cartoon (literally!) about it.

I’m not sure why, but I find it relaxing to work on such low-res, lo-fi art. Maybe because my creative skills aren’t back where I’d like them to be, or beyond, at least not yet. So I get heavy anxiety working on “good” art, animation, music, or whatever, with expectations I can’t yet meet. Not that my technical skills are especially more solid, but I just don’t feel the same pressure when I script the game, and I’m not sure why. Whatever it is, I just have to grow beyond it.

I may add some super-simple animation with Blender later, or maybe I won’t. So, yep, this cartoon is also early access! Everything’s early access! Gimme five bucks and keep checking back, it might get better! C’mon, roll those dice!

If you’re one of the few people who have picked up one of my bottles, stuffed in a few bucks, and tossed it back, thank you!