Sisyphean Slippers

I wear slippers indoors and I bought a new pair online a couple of years ago. They were cheap, and I ordered a size too big, but I didn’t want to go to the trouble of returning them. They’ve been comfy, anyway.

Now, however, the soles on both are coming apart, causing me to leave pebble-to-penny-sized bits of black plastic (I guess?) all over my place. I try to pick them up and trash them when I spot them, especially if I know I should wash my hands anyway.

Has this inspired a new gameplay element in the next update for Cheer and Track? No it has not, it’s just driving me crazy.

Buy a copy for yourself and four friends so I can get new slippers! Buy a copy for everybody you work with so I can get fancy slippers! …nah, that’d be grocery money, for sure.

As always, if you’ve already purchased Cheer and Track, thank you!

The next update will feature another short, new level and hopefully be out next week. Work-in-progress screenshot!