Orange Skies Ahead, pt. 2

Nothing’s ever 100% complete while you’re in early access, but I think I’ve reached a stopping-for-now point on the new skybox. This version just has a few more clouds since the last update, with some pink lightning-ish flashes and some very subtle noise detail on the sun. The sun could be a bit more glow-y and the lightning more lightning-y I guess, but I kinda like how it turned out!

Here are Cheryl and Becca praising it, as one does (or two do, in jolly cooperation), from a corner of one of the levels. Sorry the movie’s not a perfect loop, but the clouds travel slowly and I didn’t want to post a huge file!

As a reminder, here’s what the current skybox looks like, from nearly the same corner in the same level in the latest release:

Blarp. P2 can join, but they don’t wanna. Didn’t need an animation to show this bit, because the old skybox didn’t animate, at all. Let’s hear it for effort!

Next up, one new level!

I hope to release the next update soon, but a handful of odd running and jumping bugs have surfaced (might be performance-related due to the new skybox), so I need to make some fixes there first in addition to the new level. More to come!