Press Start to Continue

I began this development blog on Leap Day, only about two weeks ago, hoping to draw more customers to buy and play my small, unfinished indie game. I know it’s trite, but that really does feel like forever ago, now. So much craziness has happened since then, near and far, and there is so much more to worry about.

The most fantastical thing about Cheer and Track is supposed to be that two college students were warped into deep space by a quantum-connected hivemind of alien flowers that won’t let them die. Now it’s maybe that, once they inevitably return to Earth as best friends, they happily go back to attending college as usual. There is no COVID-19 outbreak in the Cheer and Track not-so-cinematic universe.

As humanity continues to fight it, someday COVID-19 will no longer be a problem in our world, either. We will get there. But we’re not there yet.

Whoever you are and wherever you are, if you’ve given me a few minutes of your time to play Cheer and Track or read this vanilla blog about one more video game among hundreds of thousands, thank you so much, and I hope it helped you through a few more minutes of your day. I also hope you and yours are okay, and I hope things get better soon for all of us around the world as we do what we must to get through this crisis. Now go wash your hands, and do not give up!